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The Rescue

* Exclusive for Tomb Raider Online *

>The Story

By Pascal Ducey (Magplus)

Von Croy's mistake caused a evil-spell!

Von Croy is the only one to what to do to stop this evil-spell. Now he is alone. All of he's ancien henchmen are waiting for the return of Lara with the amulet of Horus, they think it's the solution. They searched and found the amulet and the sarcophagus of Seth. But nothing works correctly. That's why they try to know the secret of Von Croy... Von Croy think that Lara is dead. The only solution is to talk!!! Lara will have to find by herself all the secrets using her past experience with Von Croy. After release this evil-spell, she'll have to find Von Croy to release him.

but which evil-spell???

The story begin at the end of Tomb Raider The Last Revelation, remember we all think that Lara was dead in the pyramid. False! in fact Lara fall in a hole and arrive in "The secret temple". All is shaking but she's not dead...

>Levels Presentation

Warning: this is not an official adventure !
These levels are not marketed and not supported by Core Design.

The Rescue is composed of 13 levels created with the level editor. These levels are not available on the levels page. We want to put aside the levels considering the importance of the files to be downloaded and the provided work from the author.

These levels were made and stay the property of their author: Pascal Ducey

Click here to visit his page.

Level 1: The Secret Temple - Pascal Ducey

Lara has just escape a sure dead and now she is in a new temple. With beautiful environment really well done and a personal wad from the author. You'll need about two hour to complete this level. A lot of switch and objects to find. The only bad thing about thise level is maybe a lack of stable camera showing the correct passage. Because we wondering which door we have to take!

number of secrets: 6

Level 2: Edfou,Kingdom of Horus - Pascal Ducey

After a hard way to exit the temple you will now enjoy the outdoor area of this level but it's not holiday. A lake with a beautiful boat and a lot of trap and you'll use the moto. A great level.

number of secrets: 6

Level 3: The Ruins of Philae - Pascal Ducey

The beginning of this level is pretty easy and you will go on the "Timeless Sands" before you come back to finish this level. The author tooks the texture from Temple of Karnak like the canope vases. You will find one very easily but the second one is harder to find. A short level not so hard.

number of secrets: 6

Level 4: The Timeless Sands - Pascal Ducey

The most difficult level with lava, a hard puzzle and a lot of trap. look very carefully and everywhere because a little mistake can cost you a lot of time. the level is beautiful and look like the Tomb of Seth...

number of secrets: 2

Level 5: Temple of Osiris - Pascal Ducey

First of all to complete this level you must have completed the ruin of Philae and have the Key of the Garden. In this fifth part, the author used personal wad and texture, sound to create suspence. The good things in this level is the enigmas. Some are easy but some are hard and you will have to use your brains

number of secrets: 4

Level 6: The Evil Spell of Osiris - Pascal Ducey

The adventure continue! Now you out of the temple of Osiris but you now have to face his curse. You'll have to solve a lot of enigmas and use you memory and logic to succeed. Look carefully! This level is really hard but also very amazing.

number of secrets: 5

Level 7: Djoser's Ziggourat - Pascal Ducey

In this level the difficulties is in the enigmas (really well done by the author). One of them is a room with nine rope, a switch and flames, you will have to use you intelligence to solve it! Once again the level is beautiful and you will be able to use the moto and you have to drive it until the end. There's a bug on this level and you may return to Windows ( you can download two save if this problem happen). (Read the important.txt file with the level).

number of secrets: 4

Level 8: Lost Temple of Saqqarah - Pascal Ducey

First this level is very important because you"ll have to come back to go to level 9 and 10 ( so download these three levels before beginning level 8). You have to find a lot of objects but be patient. You will need about 2h hours to complete this level. The bug of level 7 may be present on this level ( read the file). if you already see the bug use the save since the beginning of the level.

number of secrets: 2

Level 9: Imhotep's Challenge - Pascal Ducey

In this level there's a lot of enigmas you have to solve ( that's why it's one of my favourite). A lot of object to push to progress, you'll also have to look crefully since the beginning. Watch out for the traps ( very well hidden). Ok that's enought information, good luck. Time needed to complete: 1 or 2 hours.

number of secrets: 3

Level 10: The Gardian of Imhotep - Pascal Ducey

This is certainly the best level of this adventure. All is almost perfect. To complete this level you will have to come back to the others levels and return in level 10. This level is really beatiful! You will need about 3 hours to complete it. But take your time it's so wonderful!

number of secrets: 3

Level 11: The Hidden Experiment - Pascal Ducey

In this level the author used, once again, a personal wad. You'll have to fight again alien and find new object like energy crystals. 2 hours are needed to complete this level and look carefully or you'll be trap!

number of secrets: 4

Level 12: The Search of Apophis - Pascal Ducey

Still excellent level by Pascal, this level is long and will require quite a lot of research and of observation to end it and find the 3 secrets of the level which are hidden well. Numerous puzzles and enigmas to realize. 2 hours of active gameplay at least will be necessary to end it.

number of secrets: 3

Level 13 - Bonus: Fight against Apophis - Pascal Ducey

To begin this level, you must have obtained at least 4 golden stars in the previous levels but it will allow you only to play a short moment and to obtain the "bad" end of this adventure. If you gathered all 8 golden stars, You can enter in the bonus level strictly speaking. This level bonus of the rescue is certainly one of the best levels which I was able to play It will ask you for quite a lot of research and observation to progress because numerous enigmas and puzzles are to be realized . Don't refuse the fight with your monstrous enemies because they often carry necessary objects to progress. You will also have to face one Huge snake which spits fireballs, not very easy .... At the end of the level, after a small trip in a Jeep Lara find the free air and her friend Jean Yves.

number of secrets: 2

Questions and Answers about Technical problems in the forums (french): Cliquez ici

The adventure was tested for you by Luc [TRO]

>Adventure Download

A download link is provided for this adventure, this is the link on TRLE communauty server (fastest). In case of problems or surcharge, you can try the other links if available..

  • Rescue_full_tom.zip: 53,9 Mo about 15 minutes @ 512 Kbps.

    The zip file contains the whole adventure in TOM format with explanations FR and UK (server TRO)

  • Rescue_full_tr4.zip: 106 Mo about 30 minutes @ 512 Kbps.

    The zip file contains the whole adventure in TR4 format with explanations FR and UK (server TRO)

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