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Revenge of Osiris

>The Story

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Six years ago, an archeologist team discovered an underground Temple a few miles away from the Kings' Valley. They tried to open the door,but didn't suceed. The night after the discovery, the team disappeared mysteriously whereas something strange was happening : after the night had fallen, the sky became as red as blood,and the moon, full this particular night, became vivid orange, seeable from thousands of kilometers. A light beam tore the skies and fell on the temple through the hole the archeologists had made. The ground began to shake and a violent explosion destroyed the access to the temple, showing a hieroglyph-covered stele.

A few years later, Lara Croft bought this particular stele, during an auction sale in London. Its owner told her where the object was from and told her its story, talked about the evil-spell for a while, for it had killed the archeologists who had discovered the temple entrance. He also mentioned a thousand-year old paramilitary group, the Corpus Fatalis, which, since the stele's discovery, was trying to get it by any means. This group, as the legend said, was made from former Templars' descendants who might have taken refuge in Egypt after the Temple Order's fall and might have sealed a pact with the Osiris Priests' sect, hence becoming Osiris' army on Earth, protecting the temple and its secret since several centuries. Nothing more could have triggered Lara's curiosity...

After seeing several egyptologists specialised in hieroglyph's decoding, she didn't manage to decode the message and put the stele in her parisian flat.
"Even if it's not so interesting archeologically, it will make an egyptian touch in my living...",she thought

One night, while she was coming back home, she saw a light coming by the hole between her flat's door and the ground. Fearing a robbery, she took her guns and broke the door with her feet. A big light appeared then, triggering in her a very violent electric choc. Petrified, she fell to the ground and, before fainting, saw the stele, its symbols emitting a blinding light. When she woke up, she felt cold and a furious violence wave got through her. Getting back on her feet as well as she could, she entered her bathroom to clean her face with water. She saw in her mirror that her face, but also most of her body were covered with hieroglyphs. Oddly, they reminded her of those which were on the stele, but they now meant something to her.

She started translating them:
"Since milleniums, I learnt to handle new powers, unknown from both mortals and immortals. I'm the God of the Dead, and my wife Isis, blinded by the love she has for me, reconstituted me after my brother Seth had cut me into pieces. My unworthy son Horus mislead the hope I had for him when he chose being with my wife instead. They sealed me forever in the Kingdom of the Dead, sealed by the stele. Now, thanks to you, poor mortal girl, and to the unwise who discovered the temple, nothing will stop my revenge!!"
"Oh no, there it goes again!" thought Lara, "after Seth and Apophis, I need to clean up the ancient Egyptian Gods... OK, dear Osiris, if you want me to, I'm coming, but this time I will finish the job!!!"

Levels Presentation

Warning: this is not an official adventure !
These levels are not marketed and not supported by Core Design.

Revenge of Osiris is composed of 17 levels made with the level editor. These levels are not available from the downloading page of this web site. We want to put aside the levels considering the importance of the files to be downloaded and the provided work from the authors.

These levels were create and still the property of the authors: The TRO-online Team

Level 1: Streets of Paris - Thierry Stoorne

After leaving her flat by using the building's backdoor, Lara finds herself in a street near several unused buildings. The Corpus Fatalis Guards are everywhere in the streets nearby and are about to move to a huge building. Lara will need to go through this bunch of Osiris' adepts, decided to clean the place before she can find anything about their secret. Fleeing Paris, Lara needs to find a way to reach Egypt.

number of secrets: 5

Level 2: The Church - Rapetou

Lara reaches an abandoned church in the heart of Paris, guarded by deadly priests entirely devoted to the Corpus Fatalis. Lara's trip's following should be full of bounces...

number of secrets: 2

Level 3: The Airport - Leeloo

Terminus for Lara!!! The metro came to the Orly3 station, in the new Airport of Paris.
Lara will need to find access cards enabling her to reach the tarmac so as to steal Corpus Fatalis' chopper, leave Paris and get to Egypt.

number of secrets: 2

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Level 4: Return to the Temple - Thierry Stoorne

Lara gets back to the temple where all began, searching clues about how to stop Osiris. When she comes, she's greeted by a welcome committee. The Corpus Fatalis isn't very friendly, all the less as they're with Osiris, but Lara has seen worse. She will need to explore this temple's large rooms, guarded by the sect, to discover various keys and artefacts which should lead her to Osiris. But this Temple might only be a small part of the Osiris Priests' power...

number of secrets: 3

Level 5 : Lava of the Depths - Thibault

What is this complex, underneath the Temple, where the fires of hell seem to roar? It seems that Osiris Priests have protected their God's secret for millenniums. Searching for Osiris, Lara will need all her strength nd her orientation sense to get out of this evil place. She will need to get four magic artefacts, so as to get deeper in the Earth and to get closer to Osiris' Kingdom. Note also that this level is connected with the Underground Lake and the Castle of the Corpus Fatalis.

number of secrets: 3

Level 6 : The Underground Lake - TimJ

The further Lara gets in her journey, the less she feels reality means something. Here she is, in an aquatic dream, or rather nightmare. She reaches an underground lake with a convenient temperature, the water being warmer thanks to the burning rocks nearby. A huge building comes out of water. It's nothing less than the old Castle of the Corpus Fatalis, their first headquarters in some way, situated only a few meters away from the religious buildings dedicated to Osiris.

number of secrets: 4

Level 7 : Castle of the Corpus Fatalis - TimJ

One of the wanted artefacts is guarded by a hideous beast, which Lara seems to have already seen somewhere else… This Corpus Fatalis seems to have been there in all the conflicts allover the world. The place is full of strange magic, which prevents Lara from holding her guns without being burnt : be careful and mind the magic water ! This two levels are connected with the previous level : Lava of the Depths.

number of secret: 1

Level 8 : City of the Priests - Thibault

Now that she reached the depths of Osiris Priests' Complex, Lara is opposed to weird things and monsters seeming to come from the beginning of time. This city seems to be a mix between several disappeared civilisations : ancient Egypt, Maya and Atlantean. The tasks should be complex...

number of secrets: 2

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Level 9: Kingdom of the Dead - Thibault

Now, this is something else. The passage Lara discovered in the City of the Priests leads her directly to the Kingdom of the Dead, ruled by Osiris. Lara's getting dangerously closer to the evil God. Death waits for her obol to make her go over the Styx.

number of secret: 1

Levels 10-12: Far Plane - Leroy

After her travel over the Styx, Lara comes near the walls of a huge fortress. Maybe Osiris' Courtyard ? Lara's travel in the middle of the limbs is only beginning. It's also the beginning of the hardest part in the levelseries. Lara will gather magic artifacts, Magikorocs, and she will have to think before using them so as to open paths in far and unexpected places. Much going back and fro will lead Lara to some places where she will have to face complex puzzles that she will have to solve if she doesn't want to become a damned soul...

Levels 11-13: The Lost Spirits - Leroy

number of secrets: 7

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Level 14: Osiris' Pyramid - Thierry Stoorne

Back to Earth, but are humans less perverse than spirits ? Not so sure. How much did Lara's trip in Farplane last ? The Corpus Fatalis had time to take Osiris' Great Pyramid out of the sand. or it came from the earth when its God awakened ? Will Osiris' Pyramid become Lara's Tomb ? Even less sure. She has much work to perform: Corpus Fatalis guards and the Ancients ! Going through the Pyramid Complex, protected by traps as expected, won't be a piece of cake. Where is Osiris ?

number of secrets: 3

Level 15: The Secret of the Pyramid - Thierry Stoorne, Pouco2

Cursed Pyramid !!! When you think you got over it, there's always a new pasage opening to bring you somewhere else. But what is this fabulous secret, hidden under the Pyramid ?

number of secret: 1

Level 16: Osiris' Starship - Thierry Stoorne, Pouco2

Earth is in danger ! Osiris' fleet is ready to launch assault and his god weapons would of course cruch our planet in a few seconds. Lara will need to find the passage leading to Osiris aboard his main starship.

number of secret: 0

Level 17: Somewhere in Farplane - Leroy

Lara has finally reached Osiris.. This is the final fight. The last duel. The final countdown is initiated, Lara must fight Osiris to save our planet...

number of secret: 0

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>Download of the whole adventure

Note : This adventure is TRO-Online exclusive, Also at the authors' request these levels must not be available from others sites or hosted by them.

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